Here’s a question: How to attract and retain diverse talent? The answer may not be very simple, but there’s surely a place to start - by crafting an inclusive job description. As we celebrate Pride Month, we’re making an effort to build a more inclusive workplace for LGBTQIA+ individuals. And since the job ads you post should reflect your company's commitment to diversity and inclusion, here are some actionable tips on how to write them in the best way possible:

1. Use gender-neutral pronouns

Avoid using gender-specific pronouns like "he" or "she” and use “they” instead. For example, you can turn "The candidate should send his/her portfolio"into "Candidates should send their portfolio." This small, yet significant change is a clear sign for applicants that your company respects and values diversity. Gender-neutral language helps to eliminate unconscious bias, ensuring that your job ad appeals to a broader range of candidates, thus expanding your talent pool.

2. Focus on essential skills

Only list the skills and qualifications that are truly necessary for the role. Overly lengthy requirements can deter diverse candidates who may have the potential but feel they don't meet every single requirement. 

3. Mention benefits for diverse groups

Any benefits that may appeal to underrepresented groups, such as diversity training programs and LGBTQIA+ resource groups, should be included in the job description. Listing them attracts diverse candidates and highlights your organisation's commitment to inclusion. And speaking of commitment…

4. Don’t be afraid to make a statement about diversity and inclusion

Mentioning your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the job description is a great first step. Such statements can make a big difference in attracting a diverse range of candidates.
A diversity statement is a powerful way to convey your dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace and it highlights your commitment to LGBTQIA+ rights. And don’t forget, creating equal opportunities and celebrating diversity should go beyond Pride Month. 

5. Seek feedback

Before clicking Post on your job ad, make sure to get feedback from employees or external diversity consultants. This gives you the perspective of someone who can provide valuable insights on how to make your job description more inclusive.

5 small steps for you, a huge leap for attracting a diverse range of candidates and showing your company's commitment to creating an inclusive environment. Happy recruiting!