We all know summer is usually the time to sit back, relax and be a bit more unbothered than you usually are. But do you know what doesn’t happen when you sit back and relax? Candidates do not magically appear out of thin air. That’s when proactive recruitment enters the chat. This approach is not only effective, but it's also a lot more fun than just waiting around. And a huge bonus is that candidates really appreciate it when companies apply for them. Before we dive into why proactive recruiting is the way to go, let’s define what it actually is.

The term proactive recruiting refers to a company’s approach to recruitment where they make the first move towards talents. It could be used for a situation where a company attracts potential candidates before the need for hiring arises, but here at nPloy we give it a slightly different meaning. Proactive recruiting in nPloy means actively researching candidates from nPloy’s database - the Talent Pool - and inviting them to apply for your open positions. Which, by the way, only takes two clicks - that’s all you have to do to send a Match request.

Now that we’ve cleared the meaning, let’s take a look at the benefits.

Making the first move makes you stand out as an employer

As we mentioned, candidates love it when you’re proactive. It totally changes the game for them and shows you’re really interested in their talents and qualifications. Take this as an additional boost for your Employer branding - it shows that your company is forward-thinking, proactive, and values people. Once a candidate accepts your Match request, you can start chatting directly in nPloy. This friendlier approach closes the distances between you and candidates and makes them feel way more calm in the initial communication between the two sides. Plus, engaging with potential candidates early on allows you to build relationships with them over time.

You get access to top talents

There are thousands of suitable talents in the database, so why not ask them to apply? You can filter the profiles in order to find the best fits. Having access to a database like this is definitely a competitive advantage. So the next time you see a good fit for a job opening, hurry up and snatch them.

It helps you ensure a fair and diverse process

Proactive recruiting allows you to focus on a candidate’s experience and qualifications - all the profiles in the Talent Pool are anonymous, meaning you only see their professional CV. Removing factors such as age, race and gender helps kick unconscious bias out of the game and expands your database - anonymous hiring is the way to go.

It saves you money

Leaving the initial investment aside, proactive recruiting can save money in the long run. Reducing the time it takes to fill a position and making better hiring choices can lead to lower turnover rates and associated costs. Next time, when a new position opens and the need for talent arises, you have a database of pre-screened candidates ready to be considered.

Turns out proactive recruiting is so much more than just a method - it’s a journey to building the dream team you've always wanted. Leave the waiting game in the past and embrace the benefits of being in control. Thousands of talents are waiting to be hired and all you need to do is just dive in the Talent Pool. Happy recruiting!