Let’s kick it off with a fun fact - the number of people working from home for at least one day of the week grew by over 4 million between 1997 and 2010. As the years went by, technology developed significantly, allowing for more freedom and mobility in the workforce. And we all remember the COVD-19 pandemic when the lucky ones got to keep their jobs by shifting to a fully remote work policy.

The dark days of the pandemic are now behind us, but all the flexible work policies are here to stay. With the travel restrictions gone for good, options for working remotely is a key factor for 81% of the talents. And no wonder - here are 5 reasons why working away from the office is a good idea. We’ll start with the benefits of home office and go all the way to working from another city or even a country.

Say goodbye to being stuck in traffic

Whether we talk about using public transport or driving to work, commuting is not fun.  Wasting time on the road is often stressful, and stress could be the root for more serious psychological and mental health problems like anxiety and even depression. Long commuting can also lead to decreased job satisfaction. Working from home cuts your daily commute to the few steps between your bed and your desk (and although working from a dedicated office space in your home is recommended, it is not mandatory). You get more hours to spend with your loved ones or to just chill at the comfort of your company. Plus, you get to save money for something more meaningful. 

Focus on the important tasks

Spending 10 minutes on deciding where to have lunch is important when you’re in the office, but working remotely allows you to actually improve your focus and get more work done in less time. You can find a quiet corner and finish all those pending tasks without constantly being distracted by office gossip or printer noises. Sure, it takes time to get a hang of mastering your own schedule, but it’s nothing a good planning tool or an old-school notebook can’t handle. And there’s one more benefit if we go back to said lunch - you get to eat more home cooked meals and save money on eating the overpriced food in the office cafeteria. 

Become the master of multitasking

Participating in a meeting while the laundry’s going? Check. Being on a call while watering the plants? Check. Small chords like these can help you take your mind off work for a minute and get that well-deserved break and recharge. Another benefit of working from home is that you get to stretch and do a few exercises without the fear of looking inappropriate or being judged. And speaking of exercises - you get to wear all your comfy clothes all day long.

Explore the world while getting an income

It takes more than courage to travel the world and becoming a digital nomad can help fund all your wild ideas. Working on the go ensures you regularly get a salary while exploring different countries. Nowadays, more and more countries are making it easier for expats to live and work abroad - offering a digital nomad visa for example is one way to smooth the process and make sure you never worry about immigration formalities in each country you visit. 

Reinvent your lifestyle

Working from another country is so much more than just a change of scenery and great background views for video calls. Each country has its unique rhythm and brings forward different aspects from your character. Not being tied to a single location allows you to dive into different cultures and find the best fit. You can intuition guide you or be more pragmatic and base your choice on economic indicators such as cost of living.

Grab your laptop, make sure the Wi-Fi is strong enough and enjoy life outside the office walls! Your current job does not allow working from home? Find a new one!