So many open positions, not so many candidates. With low unemployment rates all over the EU, finding and retaining top talents can indeed be a challenge. But how can you stay on top of the game? Here’s a suggestion - by writing the perfect job post.

Here’s what should be included in your job post on nPloy in order for you to get the best candidates.

If you’ve ever stumbled upon nPloy’s HR panel, you already know that posting a job only takes a few clicks. You simply have to fill in the fields and let the built-in AI do its job. Remember, the fields in the panel are your best friends, and everything is designed to bring you closer to the right people. As usual, there are some tips and tricks that will make your job post outstanding. Let’s check them out!

First and foremost, when talking about your company, try to avoid the stiff corporate talk. It’s nice to mention some statistics and achievements (and kudos to you for them), but after all that’s not what it’s all about. Giving candidates a glimpse of your company culture, sharing some photos on your profile, will make candidates feel closer to you and your brand.

Professional field

Choose wisely - it’s the occupation of the position itself, not the industry of the whole company. It’s one of the keys for our algorithm to work.

Job title 

When entering the job title, remember talents can be matched with companies based on it. The odds of matching with a talent with current job title Accountant are higher than matching with Director of Money Counting.


The default location is the city your company is registered in. However, if you’re hiring for another location, don’t forget to change it. Location plays a big part in algorithm filtering, so the job post will be only shown to people who live in the city you chose.

💡 Hiring for the same position for different cities?
Simply duplicate the job ad and only change the necessary information.


Select from our ever-growing list of skills. There’s no limit to the skills you add, but we recommend keeping it simple - between 5 and 10 is best. If, by some chance, a skill is missing, you can always add it with a click (but we doubt you will need to).


Your job ad will be visible to people who cover the language proficiency level you select. For example, if you’ve entered B1 in French, all French speakers from level B1, and all the way up to native can also see your job ad.

Employment type

An easy-peasy one - you can choose regular employment, project-based, internship, remote or voluntary work. 

Work model

On-site, hybrid or remote - just select the one that fits.

Years of experience

The years correspond to the different seniority levels - from internships to management, we have it all.

NET salary range

Salary is probably the most important factor for candidates - at least for more than 95% of them. You’ve got a 2000 buffer in your currency but try to keep the range realistic. Transparency is almost always an advantage, especially when it comes to reimbursement. 


Same as skills, you can choose from a list of benefits. The more you add, the happier the candidates. Benefits show candidates your company really cares about its people and sees them as more than just workers. We bet your company does indeed have a lot of perks, so why not highlight them? Or allow us to spread the word for you.

Task description

Here comes the fun! Try to explain well what’s expected from candidates on the job - we guarantee it will save you the trouble at a later stage. It will also give the candidates a better understanding if they’re really fit for the position. 

A useful hack? Try reading the job post as if you were a candidate. Does it make you eager to apply or would you swipe left on it? We were all candidates once and remembering it from time to time may be beneficial. 

There you have it - the guide for crafting the perfect job ad. It’s not just about finding the best candidates, it’s also about making them excited to work for the company. We can’t wait to see your future job posts and we bet candidates will love them.