For the majority of professionals, looking for a job means focusing only on full-time, permanent positions. But taking a temporary job can offer many benefits, both short and long-term.

Of course, a permanent, full-time job, offers stability and guaranteed income for a longer period of time, yet don’t be too quick to exclude the temporary options. Not only they give you flexibility, but there’s so much more to them! Here are some of the benefits you need to consider when the next temporary opportunity arises:

1. Improving Your CV

A temporary position may offer the chance to learn new skills or gain experience in an area you may not be familiar with. This is extra useful if you want to switch directions in your career or change the industry you’re working at.

Moreover, you will expand your network, which surely opens more doors now or in the future. Never underestimate the contacts you make while working with different people. Everyone has a talent, exchanging knowledge only makes you better and smarter

2. Quicker Hiring Process

Temporary job openings are usually caused by some kind of an urgency. Employers need someone to fill the position quickly and the speed of the hiring process might be to your advantage.

Because companies are often looking to hire right away and don’t have time for a deep search), this makes them a bit more flexible in their hiring requirements.

3. Flexibility Rules

Typically, temporary workers can maintain a better work-life balance than full-time staff and aren’t expected to do 80-hour work weeks.

Most temporary positions are paid hourly, so even if you are asked to work late, you are adding to your pay check.

4. A Path to Permanence

A temporary position can be a matter of being in the right place at the right time to land that position in a new industry or get your foot in the door at a coveted company.

Even if a temporary engagement doesn’t lead to a permanent position, the experience in a desired company can help you land a long-term job.

There are so many benefits to temporary work and for those looking to contracting as a career or to fill in while looking for something more permanent, a shift in your mindset could open a world of opportunities.