Summer is finally summering, temperatures are high, so is the mood, and the cocktails are just at arm’s length. Is there a better time to start an internship? Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Most people connect the idea of summer with long days where you forget all your worries and just chill on the beach, but working towards your dream career in the hot months is not that uncommon. Here’s why we’re giving you 5 reasons why having a summer internship is good for you.

Find your strengths and passion

Let’s face it - people who know exactly what they want to do after university are not that many. Sometimes you have a vision of what you want your career to be, but in reality it turns out it may not be the best option. A summer internship allows you to dip your toes into different professional occupations or departments of a company. If you had a change of heart about your dream job, an internship is the best way to test it out and discover your true passion. It may even turn out that a 9-5 job is not your thing - opt for being a digital nomad then. Whatever it is, just try.

Network, network, network

It’s almost a law that you’ll meet new people while you’re on vacation. So why not take the time to build professional connections? Think of a summer internship as a speed dating for your career - you’ll get to meet a bunch of people to learn from, pave your way for getting a recommendation from them, and why not even a mentor to guide you on the chosen career path. You never know how useful and meaningful these connections may turn out to be.

"Money, money, money..."

Can’t deny ABBA did have a point when they sang that song. Getting paid for learning does not sound bad, right? An internship during the summer is a great way to save some money and fund your future adventures or finally buy the things on your wishlist. All of the internships you see on nPloy are paid. What’s left for you to do is just go ahead and hit that “Apply now” button.

Harvest the fruits of your labour

You’ve just finished school or another hard year in the university. We know it’s not easy, we all remember those all-nighters spent studying and finishing assignments. And those weren't for nothing! Internships give you a great opportunity to put your knowledge into action and acquire skills you can't find in textbooks. Whether it’s something directly related to the occupation, problem-solving or teamwork, you'll get a chance to level up your abilities in reality.

Get out of the cursed loop “No job, no experience. No experience, no job.”

We bet that sounds familiar. It may be a common problem, but summer internships are the solution. An internship allows you to gain experience before officially joining the workforce, and definitely brings bonus points to your first job interviews. Plus, you get to update your skillset - next time when you’re updating your profile on nPloy, don’t forget to add all of the things you’ve learned during the summer. Companies enjoy seeing proactive candidates and an internship will fit your resume perfectly.

Did we manage to convince you? If so, check out all of the internships in nPloy. If not, still check all of the internships in nPloy - you may find your dream company on the list and change your mind.