With millennials becoming a growing part of the workforce, it’s getting  more difficult for recruiters to cover their expectations.

Young recruits aged 18-30 are the bedrock of the services talent pool, so understanding how to keep them engaged, motivated, and aligned with your brand is necessary to maintaining a reliable workforce.

The following tips come from a number of BPO providers with successful youth recruitment campaigns, offering great advice for keeping the new generations invested in your company.

1 - Use Social Media Wisely
Imagine you go on a hunt, because that’s actually what you do, you hunt for talent. Where do you find what you’re looking for? In their natural habitat, of course. It’s not a secret to anybody that young people ‘live’ online – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. are their world.

Social media has become well-known as a valuable recruitment tool, but using it correctly is a challenge itself.

And what are the best tools to attract our potential candidates? Social media has given us a lot of opportunities to show, express, form opinions and when it comes to combining online media channels and recruitment, we have to think about the following: engaging content, attractive visuals, a short and straight to the point message.

2 – Embrace New Technology
The tech industry has developed so much lately, that new tools are available in many industries, including recruitment.

nPloy is one of them. It's a platform where recruiters and employers build long-term professional relationships with highly profiled talents. nPloy makes the whole recruitment process much more efficient and cost-effective. On the tech side, it is a free mobile application for candidates and an extremely user-friendly web panel for employers. It is built in a way to include every step of the hiring – from posting the job to the hire itself. Moreover, it has a chat and video calls feature, which takes communication with candidates to a whole new efficiency level. This is a key benefit when engaging with young candidates, as they are used to fast, almost instant replies.

3 – Think of a Way to Attract More Referrals
As well as investing in technology, engaging your existing employee base can be useful in driving referrals – one of the top methods for many BPOs in attracting young talent. Even without monetary rewards, a drive to create buzz through internal marketing can also be a useful method for increasing referrals.

4 – Make Changes to Suit Dynamic Young Lifestyles
Whatever business you run, young people would be more likely to join if their workplace is engaging and adapted to their lifestyle.

We’ve been loading the offices with foosballs, bean bags, PlayStations, standing desks – you name it. And if this was a thing a few years ago, it no longer is. People now look for something more – more active team-building activities, online conducted challenges, trainings and courses – something to help them develop and really make them feel like a part of the team.

Furthermore, what’s a better way to appear where they spend their whole time? That’s right, you must be on their phones! With nPloy being an app on their side, you can reach them easier and faster than ever. As soon as you publish a job, the professionals in our talent pool will see it if it matches their profile – they’re happy, because they only see what’s right fit for them and you’re happy because you receive higher quality applications.

5 – Introduce Potential Candidates to your Brand
Before hiring your new young team members, it can be useful to give them exposure to your brand, or the brand of your clients, to give them a taste of what life is like at the company.

nPloy is the perfect marketplace to do this – you can easily create a company profile and share information about the history of the company, values, strategy, etc as well as put down the benefits that go along the job roles. Moreover, you can upload photos of the office and thus further attract the interest of potential employees.

What’s even better about nPloy is that you can proactively contact young talents from our talent pool. Just by filtering by your criteria, you’ll see all suitable for the job professionals and show interest in their profile. On their side, they immediately receive a notification on their phone and if they like your company profile and job description, you get a match and go on with chatting with them about the steps to follow.

The more you can communicate to candidates before they join the company, the more they will be interested in joining.

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