University graduates leave school with a diploma in their hands and excitement for the career they want to pursue. But getting a job doesn't always go as well as expected. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take if your job search gets stuck. Find out why you may be having trouble landing a job after graduation. Plus, get some practical advice on how to master the job hunt, and discover tips to stay motivated.

Finding a job as a graduate can be challenging in the best of circumstances. However, there are some things job seekers can do to advance in the path leading to their desired career.

8 Things to Do

The following tips can help recent grads boost their chances of getting hired.

Network – try to attend as many career events as possible. The biggest ones in Sofia are Beehive and Career Show. Dress up, print some CVs and talk to as many HR representatives as possible. Not only you’d get their contacts for further discussion, but you’ll get a taste of what it is to be interviewed for a job which will automatically make you more confident.

Don't wait – Time does fly. Waiting is not an option when it comes to starting a career. Start applying as soon as possible. Get referrals from university teachers and friends which will perfectly complement the skill set in your CV.

Do market research – If you start looking at job opportunities and companies you’re interested in when you finish your degree, it’s already late. Start looking around and research the industry you’d like to build a career at while still studying. Don’t be intimidated by the requirements, looking at job ads will give you an idea of what to expect and what to prepare for.

Get in front of employers – be visible. Create a profile in all available career-oriented platforms and start connecting with the people you look up to and professionals who have a similar profile to them. Surely, it’d help you to create a profile in nPloy – companies filter our talent pool and assign talents to positions. It only takes a minute to create a profile and it’s a good source of internship opportunities. If you are in IT, make sure you build a good GitHub profile; if you’re a graphic/web designer, your Behance account should be top-notch – even if you only have university projects done.

Do an internship – Consider taking an internship role in a company you’d like to work for. Most companies are happy to invest in and train you, and offer you a full-time job after the internship. One thing to have in mind – on the interview, always ask exactly what you’d be doing day-to-day to avoid spending months in making coffee and printing documents all day.

Consider a part-time job – If you’re still studying or taking an additional course after graduating university, think about getting a part-time job in some real business. Whatever your interests are – start pursuing them as soon as possible. Since there are much more remote opportunities now, look for something you can do from anywhere – research, cold-calling sales, admin work, etc. Did you know that in nPloy you can select an employment type (regular, remote, internship, etc.) and level of employment (full-time, part-time) and only see relevant to you jobs. Taking a part-time job will help you manage your time better and will give you the experience

Get advice from campus career center – Every university should have one, take as much advice as you can from them. Remember that the career centers have long-term contracts with some of the biggest and most successful local and international companies and those companies are more than happy to hire fresh graduates for their internships or entry level positions. Moreover, the career centers are able to give you hints on how to prepare your CV, how to make a good first impression, etc.

Take a class – if you’re looking for a job and it doesn’t go as well as planned – redeem the time and take an online class. It’s beneficial both for your skill set and your sanity during this process. It would make you feel more confident, because you’re acquiring a new competence and it’ll make your CV look even better. Recruiters and hiring managers always get impressed by people who are hungry for knowledge and focus on self-development.

And, of course, don’t forget to stay motivated! We realize it’s not easy, that’s exactly why we designed and built nPloy – your go-to place for finding an internship with no pressure

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