We probably say this every year, but really - where did the time go? 🤯 2023 was a crazy ride, but we mean that in the best way possible. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and reflect on everything we have achieved together so far.

Bună, România! 

We kicked the year off by expanding our business to Romania. That’s right, we made job search a breeze in one more country. Plus, we got to brand a metro station and even went to see it in person. How’s that for a work trip?

Don't mind us while we're taking selfies in the metro station

2023 in numbers 

82 000 new users

Our Talent Pool keeps on growing.

370+ new nPloyers

have joined us both in Bulgaria and Romania.

20 500 fully completed profiles

Welcome , ninjas! May the Match requests fly your way!

4 600+ Match requests sent

Recruiters were on fire in 2023, constantly searching for the best talents.

14 200+ successful matches

May your Mondays be brighter!

A whole new podcast

Ba4kast is here to tell the stories of successful people in Bulgaria in hopes of inspiring others to work hard and achieve more. 

A whole new LinkedIn Newsletter

Workaholics Anonymous is your monthly dose of job market insights, inspiring stories, and tips on how to be even better at what you do.

2 major awards

nPloy won the Startup of the year Forbes Business Award, as well as the Career Show award in the Best Job Platform category. We're extremely happy and immensely grateful to have been recognized for our efforts to make recruitment easier and we will definitely keep on doing what we do best - make life easier for everyone, at least the professional part of it. 

Career Show Award for Best Job Platform & Forbes Startup of the Year 2023 Award

Feature updates

ATS Integrations ❤️

We made it easy for recruiters to sync and import all their open positions on nPloy in seconds. By doing this, we let candidates forget about application forms - all they need to do is ✨ swipe. ✨

Feedback Feature

Candidates love feedback and really appreciate it when recruiters take their time to share what could’ve been done better. Letting people know what’s going on with their application now takes just a single click.

Automated Messages

Recruiters can now set up a custom message to candidates and kickstart the chat automatically оnce there’s a match.

What’s next

nPloy is not just about just filling vacancies; it’s about transforming careers. You can think of us as your tireless cheerleaders, here to smash barriers and create a world of careers where reaching your potential isn't some kind of utopia but an everyday reality.

2024 will be bigger and bolder. Get ready for crazier campaigns, fun events, insights and more ways to bring you closer to your dream job.

Can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.