We’re going to be honest - no matter how fulfilling, great, and awesome a job is, if it doesn’t pay well, it’s not such a good option in the long term. So today we’re going to teach you how to make sure your pockets are full.

More and more companies are open to sharing the salary for each position. It is even mandatory in some countries 👏 If you’ve ever looked for a job on nPloy, you probably already know that companies share the exact amount they offer or a range of numbers. So how to negotiate that higher number? Keep on reading.

Know your worth

Literally and figuratively speaking. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can research and learn more about the salary ranges in your professional field. You can also play with the Expected salary slider in your nPloy profile to see what companies are offering 👀

Don’t underestimate yourself

A lot of people tend to do so. But when it comes to salary negotiations, it’s always better to ask for more. We’re not speaking about millions here (although, why not?), but add a little extra on top of the number you’ve already decided on. In that case, even if the HR department offers less, you’ll still get what works for you.

Make a list of reasons to pay you more

You’re a fast learner, you have a great set of relevant skills, you have the qualification needed, etc, etc. These are all great examples of why you deserve a salary that corresponds to your strengths. 

(Try to) sound confident

If you don’t believe yourself, no one will. You can practice your speech in front of a mirror, or record it and listen to it - this will help you find what doesn’t sound so great and perfect it. You can also ask a friend to get in the shoes of the HR and practice with you.

Be prepared to walk away

After all, you’re not there to beg for money. If the person in front of you can’t see your value, and proposes an offer below the average for the selected field, just keep on looking. There are many places that will actually appreciate you and pay what you deserve.

Good luck finding it! 🍀