About Flix

The journey began in 2011 in Munich when three brave entrepreneurs came together with the concept of making traveling affordable, comfortable and environmentally-friendly at the same time. In 2013 FlixBus was officially born, and the first 3 routes were launched in Bavaria, Germany. The fast-growing mobility tech company hasn’t stopped innovating ever since.

Today, Flix is a top global mobility provider. In just 10 years, Flix has built the largest long-distance bus network in Europe and successfully ventured into the US. With more than 400,000 daily connections to 2,500 destinations in over 35 countries, Flix continues to grow its network whilst becoming the preferred sustainable mobility choice, and they’re only getting started.

Next stop - Sofia, Bulgaria

Flix recently opened doors in Sofia - an ideal and strategic location in Europe for the travel-tech company. Now you can join an international team of ~3,000 employees.

Want to write the future of mobility and push boundaries?

Have you ever had an idea that could change the world? Have you ever thought: “Will it work? Can I make a global impact from the company I’m working at?”

At Flix you can. The company has adopted an entrepreneurial work environment where employees have autonomy in their responsibilities, and creative ideas are welcome across all teams. This means that you don’t only get to share all of your ideas, but to experience them as well. Plus, you’re never alone - the expertise of a global team that is within your reach. So, if you have an idea or a concern, you’re more than welcome to discuss it openly.

Like how this sounds?