In a perfect world, there would be a perfect candidate for every open position. The hiring process would run smoothly, the negotiations will be clear, and they will be able to start working for your company right away. But in real life that’s not always the case. Things don’t always work out the way we want them to and candidates and companies must go their separate ways. 

When a person applies for one of your open positions, you have two options: you can either match them in order to move forward to the next stage, or unmatch the profile. And that’s okay. Sometimes motivation isn’t enough to hire someone. You can easily change the status of the talent in nPloy’s Jobs Pipeline and move on. But don’t forget to give them constructive and insightful/helpful feedback.

Once you unmatch a profile, a pop up will appear, asking you to select the reason why. It only takes a few clicks for you, but it would make a great difference for the candidate.

Ends their worrying
Will they hire me, will they hire me not? 🌼 We’ve all been there at some point. Giving an answer puts an end to the worrying and allows candidates to move on.

Gives candidates room for improvement
Knowing why their CV is rejected gives candidates a clarity on what to improve to reach their desired position. 

Makes you stand out as an employer
Candidates will remember you as an organisation that makes an effort and cares for each person, whether they are working in the company or not. It demonstrates fairness and transparency in the recruitment process, and is a big green flag. Another huge benefit for your company's reputation is that giving feedback fosters a positive relationship between the employer and the candidate. This application may not be successful, but candidates will appreciate your effort and consider the company in the future.

As mentioned, we’re giving you a list of preselected reasons to choose from:

Lacking skill(s) or qualification(s)
You can select this one and provide more information in the field “Other” in order for the candidate to have a better understanding of what to work on.
It indeed happens to the best of us. Whatever the case is, just let the person know and inspire them to keep on looking for the best job match. 
We filled this position
Kudos to you for finding the perfect match! Still, letting other candidates know is the right thing to do.
Profile / CV is not completed
Sometimes candidates are in a hurry - they’ve seen your job post and clicked on it so quickly that they forgot to complete their profile. You can remind them to do so using this option.
I don’t want to specify

Of course, if you’re in the mood for sharing, you can always write a specific reason why. 

We can’t convince you that parting with candidates is an easy task. But we do believe giving them a reason why is the best way going forward, and shows that your company truly cares for people. We made giving feedback on nPloy easy because at some point we’ve all been on the other side and know how it feels when a company neglects a candidate. So be one of the good guys, it only takes a few clicks.