Let’s face it - most of us are fascinated by the recent developments in artificial intelligence. Whether it’s something small like writing a corporate-sounding email or the emergence of bigger innovations and helping shape the technologies of the future.But what else can AI do for you? Help you find your dream job, of course!
nPloy uses AI to optimise the long (and often tough) process by matching you with jobs that are the right fit for you. All it takes for the magic to work is for you to complete your profile. From then on, you will only see job cards that match your criteria - salary expectations, skills and qualifications.

How does nPloy’s algorithm work? Short answer: with signals. Long answer? Keep on reading.

Types of signals 

Why is nPloy’s AI good for you?

Let’s cut straight to the benefits.

You see less irrelevant positions, which we know you’ll love. We’ve all had the experience of seeing a job opportunity for a Java Developer, when we are actually looking for a marketing role – it’s frustrating and time-consuming 😫 And AI helps you eliminate that problem.

You don’t have to plan additional time in your day for job-search – just open the app when you have a spare minute or two. Now you can make riding the bus and  waiting for your lunch so much more productive by seeing what’s new on the app. It’s mobile and on point.

Now that we’ve revealed all of our secrets, there’s not much more to say. We’ll just invite you to take advantage of what AI has to offer.