We’ve already mentioned how the dynamics between candidates and recruiters may not always be a smooth ride. It’s very important to start the communication with a candidate on good terms - after all, you represent the whole company and more often than not candidates take the recruiter’s behaviour into account when deciding whether to take the job or not. 

So how to approach a candidate in the best way possible? And what are the things you should avoid at all costs? Keep on reading to find out.

You really want to find new people for your company. You’re searching everywhere, stalking people on social media and shamelessly sliding into their DMs with offers. Sounds a bit stalker-y, right? So why not dive into nPloy’s Talent Pool and hire proactively

Companies on nPloy can apply for talents by sending them a Match request. Once a candidate accepts your invitation to apply, you get an email to notify you of their action. You can now message the candidate directly in the platform and they can reply by using the mobile app. You have two options now.

Use a generic approach

Everyone can copy-paste a generic message. The thing is it really shows when you do that. It demonstrates a complete lack of effort and makes the candidate feel like it’s just one nameless person out of many. What you can do instead is

Be kind 

After all, you’re talking to a real human. Try to be polite and make the tone of the message more personal. You can start by engaging the candidate in a conversation about their skills or listing the benefits of working for you. It will be even better if you schedule a video call. Same as messaging, this can be done directly in nPloy.

We bet the joy of finding the perfect fit for a job is immense. But what happens when a candidate is not right for the position? Let’s see what you can do in this situation.

Ghost the candidate

It's as simple as that - you can just disappear. The candidate will never know what the problem is and you get to skip all the awkward conversations. But at what cost? You will be remembered as indifferent and even rude, and the same goes for the company.

Give them a reason why

Everyone deserves to know what’s happening with their application. nPloy makes it easier by giving the candidates information on whether their profile has been reviewed or not. What’s even better is that once you unmatch a candidate, you’re given a list of reasons why. Giving candidates feedback helps them move on, allows them to reflect on the situation and provides room for improvement. And it plays a great part in building your company’s reputation, remember that.

Imagine this - you’ve found the perfect candidate, you’ve met them for an interview and the conversation went great. But then something happened, you got distracted and you forgot to follow up.

Forget them and simply move on

This person has probably applied for a few positions anyway, so why bother? 

Follow up

This is a crucial element of building trust between the candidate and the company. Candidates appreciate feedback and updates on the hiring process, so don't leave them hanging. It will be even better if you have discussed the hiring process at the beginning of the conversation - let the person know how many interviews or tasks to expect to give them a better view.

Dear HR specialists, we know it’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced world of recruitment. But remember, being kind will only benefit you and your company. It’s a great way to build strong connections with top talents and build a reputation of a great workplace.

Happy hiring!