It’s all fun and games until it comes to jumping between apps or platforms only to complete a single task. We hate it too, especially when it comes to job applications. So you will never experience it in nPloy. 

All applications are in-app

❌ No third parties, no websites asking you to upload a CV once again or manually put all the information for the millionth time.

✅ Once you upload your CV and complete your profile on nPloy, you’re ready to dive-in into the world of job opportunities that completely match your salary expectations and are a perfect fit for your skills and qualifications. 

Just imagine - you open the app and click on the Jobs tab. You see an opportunity you love and just swipe right. There you go, you have successfully applied for the job!

That’s right - with nPloy it only takes a single swipe. 

Why is this good for you?

⏳ It saves time

Having to go through another website, answer all the questions and share your resume details one more time is daunting and time consuming. On the other hand, applying for a job with a single swipe only takes a second. And we bet swiping for something you like sounds familiar 🔥

🔒 It keeps your data protected 

Sharing information to various websites is not always as secure as it should be. With nPloy, your personal data is kept hidden until there’s a mutual interest between you and a company. 

Okay, enough talking. Time to let you see for yourself how easy it is to apply for a job on nPloy.