Kudos to you, friend! Your incredible skills and talents have been noticed and you got not one, not two, but a few job offers to choose from. High five! But what comes next? How to make the choice? You’ve come to the right place - this article will be your guide in the decision making process and ensure you’re really picking what’s best for you. Keep on reading and thank us later.

A tale as old as time: make a pros and cons list

This is indeed as easy as it sounds - just take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, draw a heart and a sad emoji on each side and list the good and bad for every job offer. Try to list even the small details that make you smile or bother you. It’s not always just about the salary (although in nPloy you always know if it matches your expectations 😎 ) - there are so many more things that can make it or break it.  Once everything is put into place, you’ll literally get a better view of the possibilities ahead of you.

Imagine yourself in different roles

Each job more or less makes you a different person - the route you take to work, the clothes you wear, the coffee shop you take your morning cappuccino from. And beyond that - what are the career growth opportunities? What are the people you will work with, the connections you will make? Just imagine the person you will be in a month or a year. Maybe there’s an image that stands out, an opportunity that makes you smile just at the thought of it. And maybe that’s your winner. 

Ask around

We bet there are at least two people from your circle that have been in the same situation. So why not give them a call? A friend, a parent or someone you see as a mentor will probably have something to share. Just remember you’re not obliged to follow their advice word for word - the final decision is yours to make. Talking it out with a close one will give you a different perspective and, who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself leaning into one opportunity or another while the conversation goes.

Trust your instincts

You know how the saying goes - toss a coin in the air and if you catch yourself wishing for one particular opportunity while the little metal piece is flying, then you already know the right answer. Very often our intuition is the best guide and trusting it wouldn’t hurt. 

We know it could be a tough decision to make - it’s your future career we’re talking about. But these tips will help you feel more confident when the time comes and bring you one step closer to brighter Mondays.