If you are reading this, we know you love data so we’ll give you lots of it. Because what Ipsos does best is make sense of information and turn it into actionable truth. 

Who are Ipsos?

Founded in 1975, Ipsos is one of the largest research companies worldwide with 18,130 employees and 5,000+ clients in 90 markets.

Ipsos landed in Sofia in 2012, acquiring another company - Synovate, and currently has 370 employees locally. 

How about career development?

No matter if we look at interns, juniors or seniors in the company, we see the same trend - people love to stay and grow in Ipsos. 

Let’s talk numbers again. Since its launch in 2015, Ipsos’ internship program has marked an unprecedented success with 95% of participants continuing their careers in the company. In addition, a stunning 100% of managerial roles are taken by employees promoted from within. 

Now, where’s the catch?

Well, no catch really. You have it all in Ipsos, including:

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