The innovative job matching platform nPloy, known as ‘Tinder for jobs’, has over 4,600 new users and 50 companies just a month after entering the Romanian market.

Currently the Bulgarian startup has over 125,000 users, and in 2023 it aims at reaching 150,000+ new registrations. In 2022 alone, about 64,000 applications were submitted through the platform and over 22,000 of them (about 35%) were approved by the companies.

nPloy is used by more than 1,000 companies, including SAP, Lidl, BIC, Accenture, Paysafe, Postbank, Cognyte and more. Аmong the first customers of nPloy in Romania are TBI Bank, Unicredit Bank, Edenred Digital Center, Avenir Telecom SA, Systematic and others.

‘In a highly competitive market, Romanian companies need new approaches, and nPloy is a solution that’s proven to provide for a faster and more efficient recruitment process,’ nPloy’s co-founder Konstantin Tsonev said. ‘Our insights show that recruiters save about 1.5 hours per day with nPloy, and talents find it 3 times easier to apply thanks to our intuitive and user-friendly interface," he adds.

nPloy is a Bulgarian startup created as a solution to the most common problems in the job search process, which its founders Konstantin Tsonev and Tsvetoslav Zahariev also faced. In 2017, they graduated in Scotland and returned to Bulgaria looking for a job. After hours of scrolling through irrelevant job postings, making calls and interviews, they thought there should be an easier way.

Thus, in 2018 nPloy was born - a mobile application and web platform with a built-in AI algorithm that matches candidates and job postings based on the dating apps model. It takes into account a wide range of criteria, including salary expectations, skills, experience, location, job type, etc. Thus, users only see positions that match their experience and requirements, and employers easily get relevant candidates.

In 2022, nPloy attracted about BGN 4 million under the Operational Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020 managed by the Fund of Funds in Bulgaria through an investment by Morningside Hill Capital Management to continue upgrading the platform and expand into new markets in the Central and Eastern Europe region, the first of which is Romania.