We won’t get tired of repeating this - if you’re not enjoying your current job, it’s probably not the right one. On average, people spent one-third of their lives working, so why not spend them in a great atmosphere? Some jobs are a big red flag right from the beginning, but some require time for you to realise something’s wrong. What are the tell-tales? Well, here are some.

You dread the thought of going to work

It happens every Monday eve (or every day, actually), every morning before commuting to work and after every lunch break. If you dread going back to the office environment, and you’ve just lost the spark you once had for this job, maybe maybe your intuition is trying to tell you something. Don’t underestimate it.

Overtime is taking over you

Whether you start early to catch up with tasks or stay late to finish the overloading number of assignments, you spend more and more time away from the people you love. A job is a job and having boundaries is fundamental. No matter how committed you are, you should have time to wind down and do the things that make you happy. Time is precious and literally flies, so make sure to spend it wise. Plus, overtime is just a stop on the way to burnout, be careful.

Your job is taking a toll on both your mental and physical health

You know how it is with us, humans - everything is connected. High levels of stress can cause problems and physical discomfort in the long term. No job is worth your health, remember that.

You don’t see room for growth 

It’s totally normal to want to be recognised for your achievements and to look for ways to grow in your career and put your new knowledge and abilities in action. However, some jobs just don’t offer that and you find yourself stuck in the same place for a looong time. Growth is always an option - sometimes it’s just in another company.

Your salary is not enough 

Money is important. Actually, for more than 95% of candidates it’s the most important factor when it comes to looking for a new job. If your salary is not enough to cover your basic needs or it’s stopping you from working towards your goals, maybe it’s time to look for a new employer - we know there are companies that pay more for your skills. 

Even the air at your current workplace is toxic 

We’re not Britney Spears, we’re not addicted to toxicity. Yelling, gossiping, staying late, poor leadership, high turnover rates, harassment… The list can go on. If these are common in your current organisation, you better run away. Toxic environment can be the cause of mental and/or physical problems, and this is simply not acceptable.

You feel like you’re on your own

If you have no one to rely on to guide you and give you feedback, then you probably feel like you’re fighting alone. And no one should feel that way. Having a mentor is crucial for your personal and career development, so don’t settle for less.

You’ve lost your creative spark

This applies to everyone, whether you’re working in the creative industry or not. If you find yourself bored at work, your motivation is on vacation and even the simplest of tasks feel overwhelming, then this is simply not the job for you. This situation poses an important question - is it the job that makes you unhappy or the whole field of work? If the answer is the second one, maybe it’s time to think of a career change. We get it, it may sound scary, but don’t be afraid to start something new - it’s never too late to find your true passion.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or you’re on the road to career change, nPloy is always here to help you. Remember, the perfect job is just a swipe away.