We’ve all been there at some point - constantly checking our mails for an update, staring at phones that never ring, and just waiting to see what happens next. We know how much that sucks, so we saved you some time and trouble when it comes to job application status.

Actively applying for jobs could be overwhelming, so we tried to make it easier for you. When you open the nPloy app on your phone, you will see an Activity tab - that’s the place where we keep all the job positions you swiped left (to reject) or right (to apply for.) 

✅ You can check the application status for the positions you liked. No more wondering whether your profile has been reviewed or not.  

❤️‍🩹 A company has unmatched your profile? Sorry to hear that, but don’t be sad! There are so many opportunities out there! On top of that, with nPloy you always see the reason why it won’t work out between you and the employer. Maybe your profile is incomplete, or you are overqualified for the job - knowing the reason gives you room for improvement. 

❌ You have the opportunity to consider the rejected job posts again - maybe you swiped left by mistake, it can happen to everyone.