Hey there, what’s up? Oh, you’re new here? Stunning! We know all new beginnings could be weird, so we’ll try to make this less awkward than a first date. And speaking of dates, let’s go to the main topic - nPloy is like a dating app, but for jobs.

nPloy is a job-matching mobile app. Once you upload your CV, compile a list of your skills and, most importantly, set your salary expectations, the app’s algorithm only shows job posts that match your criteria. You can swipe right to apply, or left to decline the job. That’s all. No time wasted, no hopes broken.

Another cool thing (sorry for the bragging) is that companies can apply for you! You get a match request in the app, and once again, you choose whether to accept it or not. If there’s mutual interest, you get to chat with the employer and schedule a video interview directly in the app. No jumping between apps, no log-ins.

And the coolest part? You’re anonymous! Companies can only see your skills until there’s a mutual match. And you can even hide your current employer, so they wouldn’t know you’re looking for a new job.

Oh, you need something more than job search? Lucky you, we have that as well! There’s a Discover page in nPloy, where you get to interact with like-minded people in the Clubs, share your concerns without being judged (you’re anonymous, hence the ninja avatar), stay on top of the trends with our Weekly Insights, and learn more about our upcoming Events, both on and offline. 

That’s pretty much it. You can now go to the app, dive head-first and find your best match. Noticed a problem or have an idea? Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us and let us know.