Short overview 

nPloy is a job-matching mobile app that connects talents with companies based on their mutual preferences.

It all started in 2018, when our co-founders Konstantin Tsonev and Tsvetoslav Zahariev came back from graduating abroad and faced the long and tough process of job-hunting. So they decided to change it. nPloy officially launched in Bulgaria in 2019, and in 2022 we’ve added a new section of the mobile app, created for all professionals whether they're job hunting or not. People can join clubs of like-minded people, start discussions on all work-related topics, get insights and take part in events, both live and online.

At the end of 2022 our team raised its first investment round, setting the goal of expanding the platform to Central and East European countries, and Romania was the first country we’ve chosen. Since first launching in February 2023, we now have 60+ companies and over 5000 users in Romania. 

The matching algorithm

nPloy uses AI to optimise the over-complicated hiring process by matching candidates with jobs that are the perfect fit for them. The matching is based on candidates’ predefined criteria - salary expectations, skills and qualifications  Additional filters, such as location, work model, and professional experience, are also available. All it takes is for a candidate to complete their profile and adjust the filters. The algorithm then only shows job ads that match the candidate’s preferences. The app is suitable for both people who are actively looking for a job, as well as those who are just browsing to get a sense of the market. 

Using AI in matching also benefits recruiters by helping them get rid of the clumsy pre-selection process.  They can post a job and let the built-in AI algorithm filter talents and show the job post to suitable candidates only. Our platform offers an innovative and effective approach tailored to the needs of all kinds of small and big recruiting teams.

On top of that, nPloy contributes to completely eliminating bias in recruitment.  Companies only see a person’s professional CV - personal data such as name, gender and contact info remain hidden until both sides approve.  When applying for a job via nPloy, candidates are assured they will only be judged by their talents as their profiles are anonymous. On top, candidates can hide their current employer and avoid awkward conversations.

Talent pool - how our proactive recruitment works

Proactive recruitment is at the heart of the platform. Recruiters are granted access to our whole database of talents - the Talent pool. They can filter them out & find the perfect ones for every job opening. Companies can Invite people to apply with just a few clicks. Candidates will then receive a notification straight on their phone - a Match request. This way, cold calling stays in the past - where it belongs to.

Marketing and branding campaigns

Recruitment and marketing go hand in hand when it comes to finding the right people. That’s why Employer Branding and Recruitment marketing are included in our subscriptions. Depending on the chosen period, our team of professionals  prepares a wide range of creatives that reflect a brand’s values, and we include a variety of channels and formats that match each company’s strategy and goals.

Free job postings

Subscriptions, however, are not the only way for companies to explore nPloy’s benefits. Recruiters can post an unlimited number of job ads for free and only pay if they want to unlock candidates’ personal data, including name, photo and contact details. This way posting job ads becomes financially risk-free - if you are not satisfied with the interest towards your job opening, you do not have to pay anything.

The best thing? All of the above is not where we draw the line. Our mission moving forward is to keep on approving the algorithm by leveraging emerging AI technologies and using data-driven approaches to make nPloy better, and present added value to both candidates and recruiters. What’s even more exciting is that we want to become a market equaliser, because we believe in equally distributed and accessible information flow in the labour market.