On this year's Equal Pay Day, March 12, nPloy reaffirms its commitment to advancing fair and equal pay practices in the workplace in Bulgaria and the CEE region. Despite significant strides, gender disparities persist, with women often receiving lower compensation for equivalent work. nPloy, leveraging its innovative AI-driven job platform with anonymity feature and also through comprehensive communication, is committed to combating this issue and fostering a more inclusive and equal workplace environment.

The Current Landscape

The latest research by Eurostat shows that on average women in Bulgaria earn 13% less than men, with the gender pay gap widening to 30%+ in financial and insurance activities and close to 20% in the Information & Communication sector. Data by the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute shows that in 2022 women earned significantly less than men in industries like Healthcare and Social Work (24%), Manufacturing (22.8%) and Culture, Sports & Entertainment.

nPloy’s data from anonymous surveys conducted in 2023 in Bulgaria further reveals that over 50% of employees and more than 40% of HR specialists in Bulgaria acknowledged instances where colleagues of different genders, but with equivalent experience and competencies, received different remuneration for the same position. Moreover, 73% of employees report experiencing discrimination during the selection process or in the workplace. However, there is a positive trend, with 50% of HR specialists and 76% of employees supporting the need for increased investment in diversity and equality initiatives. 

On a positive note, Eurostat data highlights Romania's commendable progress in narrowing the gender pay gap, with women earning on average 4.5% less than men, well below the European Union average of 12.7%. Still, the indicator in the private sector is way higher (8.6%) and goes above 20% in sectors like financial and insurance activities (29.7%) and manufacturing (20.1%). 

The Business Case for Gender Diversity

The correlation between gender diversity and financial performance is well-documented. According to a 2023 McKinsey report, Companies in CEE with diverse executive teams are 27% more likely to outperform their peers, underscoring the tangible benefits of gender parity not just for individuals but for businesses and economies at large. 

The Role of Technology and Innovation

Through its AI-driven platform, nPloy facilitates fair and transparent job matching, ensuring that candidates are evaluated solely based on their skills and experience, free from bias. Its anonymity feature removes personal identifiers such as name, gender, age, and picture, from the initial stage of the selection process, thus promoting a fair and unbiased evaluation. This approach not only champions equal pay but also empowers women by providing them with equitable opportunities to advance their careers.

Over the past year, nPloy has experienced significant traction within Romania, witnessing a remarkable 250%+ YoY customer base increase with its current 180,000+ users and 1250+ companies in the CEE region. This surge is attributed to the platform's widespread adoption and positive reception of its unique features, promoting a simplified & transparent recruitment process. 

"I'm deeply invested in nPloy’s mission to organically support  fairness in Romania's job market and beyond. For all of us at nPloy, and for me, as a woman and a professional, it's more than just a job; it's a passion to simplify job search and recruitment through AI matching, regardless of gender or background. We're here to tear down barriers and ensure that everyone's talents shine through and help them grow their career. Today I'm calling on all companies to join us in shaping a future where every individual, regardless of gender, has an equal shot at success.", said Maria Petrova, Head of Business Development & Sales at nPloy.