At a lavish ceremony last night, April 5, nPloy won first place in the ‘Startup’ category of the Forbes Business Awards 2023. The honourable jury recognized nPloy's innovative and transformative approach to recruitment, and its commitment to creating a more equitable job market for all.

We're extremely happy to have been recognized for our efforts to make recruitment easier by adopting technology at the most time-consuming part of the process. 

The judges at the Forbes Business Awards were impressed by nPloy's commitment to creating a fair and transparent labour market. By removing unconscious bias and balancing the needs and requirements of both employers and talents, it aims at making the recruitment process more efficient and stress-free than ever before.

‘This award is a tremendous honour, and it reflects the hard work and dedication of our team,’ nPloy's co-founder Konstantin Tsonev said. ‘We are committed to making the recruitment process fairer, more efficient, and more effective for everyone, and we will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in this field.’

To be recognised by Forbes Business Awards is a significant achievement for the company, and serves as a powerful reminder of the great impact that innovative startups have on the business world. We will definitely keep on doing what we do best - make life easier for everyone, at least the professional part of it. And we’re so happy that we get to share our journey with you.