“This business will fail, Giles.”- this is what Giles Blanchard heard about his idea to open the first serviced office in Sofia, Bulgaria back in 2004. Fortunately, he listened… to his business sense. Simply take a look at the business today! As the global focus shifts to innovation and wellbeing, the true value of co-working spaces is more obvious than ever.

Co-working spaces have become a necessity for many - it’s a home to freelancers, a flexible solution for new-entry international companies, and a place to connect, network, and recharge your creativity. nPloy’s team was also invited to spend some time at THIS WAY, and we absolutely loved it!

Imagine being in an office with 3D air quality sensors, providing you another level of office experience. While you’re working, an iPad makes you a tasty coffee, the aroma of which spreads around the 600 sq. m common areas. They’re awesome. We’re awesome. So, we thought - why don’t we do something really amazing together? And here it is: as a resident of THIS WAY or Sterling you are entitled to nPloy special partner’s offer. Reach out to us and begin growing your team in a better, faster and smarter way.

nPloy x THIS WAY