nPloy already has a number of successful hires of candidates. See what one of the first successful talents shares about finding the perfect job in the app:

Q: What about the app made the strongest impression?
A:The intuitive interface, the quick LinkedIn integration that saves lots of data filling in and most of all – how similar it is to Tinder (I think that this is a great way to target young dynamic people, who are open to new challenges and seek to experiment and try something new.)

Q: How long did it take you to find the perfect for you job in nPloy?
A: Less than a month

Q: How did the communication with the company go after the 'match'?
A: The recruitment consultant contacted me on the very same day and explained everything about the role. Her attitude was very professional and the process was quick. Within the same month I had passed through all the interview stages and had my contract signed.

Q: Would you recommend nPloy and why?
A: nPloy makes the whole job searching process more interactive, informal and fast… The mobile app is a prerequisite for a more effective and time-efficient job hunting and is very useful for candidates as well as for companies. I believe that nPloy is the future, so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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