nPloy already has a number of successful hires of candidates. See what one of the first successful talents shares about finding the perfect job in the app:

Q: What impressed you the most in nPloy?
The user-friendly interface as well as the functionality itself. It was super easy to create a profile.

Q: How long did it take you to find the perfect job position in the app?
Minutes after registering in the app, I managed to find positions I’m interested in. Shortly after, I had my first online meeting with employers.

Q: How did the communication between you and the company go after the ‘match’?
It all happened super quickly, it went pretty good even though it was online.

Q: Why would you recommend nPloy?
I’m already recommending it! Why? Because it’s convenient, fast and practical. Finding the perfect position is a real challenge but with nPloy it turned out to be extremely interesting and pleasant.

Q: Would you add anything?
Yes, a huge ‘thank you!’ I wish you all the luck. Keep rocking!

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