Over 73% of Bulgarian employees report experiencing discrimination in the hiring process or workplace. About 47% of HR specialists confirm having such cases, with age, gender, and gender identity being cited as the most common reasons. These findings stem from an anonymous survey conducted by nPloy among over 900 employees and 150 HR specialists in Bulgaria.

The goal of our innovative work platform is to facilitate open communication between employers and candidates on critical issues such as diversity, equality, and inclusion in the hiring process and the workplace.

Diversity Initiatives

More than half (53%) of surveyed employees and 31% of HR specialists admit to a complete lack of diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives in their companies. Concerningly, 70% of companies allocate no budget for such programs. Nevertheless, 50% of HR professionals and 76% of employees support the need for increased investments in initiatives promoting diversity and equality.

Is the Hiring Process Unbiased?

While most HR professionals claim impartiality in their hiring processes, 47% admit to instances of employee discrimination. Age (24%), gender (14%), and sexual orientation (13%) are the most frequently cited reasons.

Employee-Perceived Discrimination

Over 73% of surveyed employees reveal feeling discriminated against during job applications or in the workplace. Notably, age is the most common reason for discrimination (46%), followed by gender and gender identity at 33%, and family status at 19%.

Discrimination Against Women and Mothers

Nearly half (49%) of HR specialists state that their companies lack practices to combat discrimination against women during pregnancy or motherhood. Moreover, 31% of surveyed employees witnessed a colleague being discriminated against based on these factors, with 85% of such incidents going unreported. 44% of women who went through pregnancy report experiencing this type of discrimination.

Gender Pay Gap

Over 50% of employees and over 40% of HR specialists acknowledge situations where colleagues of different genders, but with equivalent experience and competence, received different remuneration for the same position. Additionally, 53% of surveyed women share cases where male colleagues received higher pay for similar positions and qualifications.

Workplace Harassment

Approximately 59% of employees and 30% of HR specialists witnessed inappropriate or sexual remarks directed at a colleague, with 44% of these incidents targeting women. Unfortunately, most of these cases go unreported.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

About 51% of HR specialists and 60% of employees state that their companies do not employ individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities. Over 16% of respondents admit that companies with over 50 employees do not comply with the legal quota according to Bulgarian legislation. While nearly 50% of HR specialists believe their workplace is fully accessible, 55% of surveyed employees paint a different picture, stating that the environment is not accessible for people with disabilities.

Despite some concerning results, at nPloy, we believe that an open dialogue on diversity and forms of discrimination will contribute to building a fairer work environment and an objective hiring process. Through our anonymous selection process on the platform and our communication campaigns, we remain steadfast in our mission to positively impact the labor market, making it more accessible and fair for all participants.