Did you know that Dopamine is a product company that make their own games? Yeah, pretty cool! They just have an idea for a game and do it. As simple as that.

They build their own products with the freedom to build them the way they want to.

We've got 6 reasons why you should join their team:

1. 130 Successful Projects
Hundreds of designs, tens of thousands lines of code each and one amazing visual experience.

2. 40+Deploys each week
Precision, Focus, Personal accountability.

3. 160 Employees
Diverse team of young professionals, true experts who love what they do.

4. They've got open source games
Giving back is part of their culture.

5. 100% developed in house
Their ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing the end product.

6. Clear Cut Goals
Their career plans are carefully designed to respond to all personal needs and wishes.

And their office is DOPE