For many people, the act of public speaking awakens a sleeping beast each time before a presentation. The voice starts trembling, the heart skips a beat and there's an urge of finding a hiding place or going to a dimension where public speaking never existed. It feels like anxiety, fear, and nerves are feasting in our minds.

After all, the goal is to deliver a human message to a human audience. Most probably you won't be facing an angry medieval crowd. Even if you did, the anti-stress rituals below will improve your overall performance and bring you back the power on your emotions and concentration.

Fake it till you make it
Do the power pose - put hands on the hips. Walk like you own the stage even if you don't feel like you do. Practice and, eventually, it will come naturally. You are what you believe you are. You better believe in yourself.

Move the belly
Deep breathing is the key to a sharp and tranquil mind. The diaphragm helps you understand when you do it right. It expands as you inhale and contracts the moment you exhale. Put your hands on your belly button. As you breathe in, your hands should be pushed outwards. The moment you breathe out, your hands will move inwards. Simple and effective.

Put the audience first
Think about what value you can bring to them with your presentation. They will appreciate the content you deliver. Do not panic over the presentation process, concentrate on the positive impact your content will deliver.

Warm up
Do a vocal exercise. Walk around, practicing your speech emphasizing the first minutes of talking. They tend to be the most difficult. If you nail them properly, the chances your presentation will hit its goal are huge.

Yes to apple, no to milk
Pay attention to what you drink and eat before you enter speech mode. Dairy products are a no, no - they can make you feel sleepy. Chose something refreshing instead - apple/orange juice or water for instance. They will energize you. The concentration and overall mood will increase and hands down - this helps a lot.

Feeling better now? The stage is yours!