Ever felt like you're on a quest, navigating the treacherous terrains of the job market, armed with nothing but your resume and a dream? Well, fellow adventurers, you're not alone! Keep reading, because we’re about to decode the mystical art of salary benchmarking - your map to the treasure trove of fair compensation!

What is salary benchmarking?

Simply put, salary benchmarking it's the process of comparing your salary with those of other pirates in the same waters (or industry peers, if you prefer). The goal is to ensure you're not getting shortchanged on your voyage to career success!

How to benchmark?

Here's how to set sail.

Chart the waters

Start by understanding your role's market value. Websites like Glassdoor are like your trusty compasses, guiding you through the murky depths of salary data.

Another great way to research is to simply ask an anonymous question in the nPloy clubs. The clubs are communities of professionals designed to help you get a sense of the market, and make sure you can share your thoughts or questions without the fear of being judged.

An additional benefit? In nPloy you always know if the salary matches your expectations. You may not see the exact number, but you always know if it falls within your desired range. This is huge when it comes to finding the value of your skills. 

Know your crew 

Understanding your own skills, experience, and achievements is like knowing the strengths of your crew. Are you a junior or a senior? Your level of expertise significantly affects your bargaining power at the negotiation table.

Keep your eyes open

Research industry trends, geographical nuances, and the demand for your role. A pirate in high demand can demand a larger share of the booty!

Avoid misinformation

Beware, for not all that glitters is gold. In your quest for salary enlightenment, you may encounter misleading data or the dreaded "experience in lieu of compensation" siren song. Remember, knowledge is power, but only if it's accurate and relevant to your quest.

Armed with your newfound knowledge, you're ready to parley with the powers that be. Approach negotiations with confidence, but remember, the best pirates are those who know when to fight and when to negotiate.

The rewards of effective salary benchmarking

Master the art of salary benchmarking, and you'll not only ensure fair compensation but also gain respect in your professional circle. Like any seasoned treasure hunter knows, the real reward lies not just in the treasure, but in the thrill of the hunt.

Plan the next steps

Now that you're equipped with the secrets of salary benchmarking, what's next? Set your sights on new horizons, continue to hone your skills, and remember, the world is your oyster (or, in this case, your treasure chest)!

Embark on this journey with a light heart and a keen eye, and remember, in the vast sea of employment, your skills and knowledge are your most valuable treasures. Happy benchmarking, professionals, may the winds of fortune guide you to the salary you truly deserve!