nPloy is an online platform that directly matches andconnects candidates and employers based on the dating apps model. The platformhas already attracted more than 85,000 candidates and 500 employers on theBulgarian and Romanian market, and now aims to expand.
The team raised its first investment round led by the local VC firm“Morningside Hill” setting the goal of expanding the platform to Central andEast European countries.  

"Mass online job posting platforms, not only on the Balkans, but also inEurope, are often clumsy and inefficient. This is exactly what we want tochange with nPloy, having successfully built an innovative job-matchingplatform based on the dating apps models. We've replaced the standardpre-screening process with an AI algorithm allowing users to see only vacanciesrelevant to their experience and requirements, and  employers to sourcethe right candidates more efficiently.” says nPloy Co-Founder Konstantin Tsonev.      

Currently, nPloy is used by over 85 thousand users and over500 employers, including BIC, SAP, Lidl, Postbank and others. The platformoffers an extremely transparent and efficient selection process. Companies gainaccess to each candidate’s  professional experience and skills, excludingpersonal data such as names, gender, age and current employer. That guaranteesmaximum objectivity and fairness of the process to avoid unconscious bias.Employers also have access to the anonymous candidate pool of all users tofilter and analyze the market potential of each vacancy they plan to post.

"We invested in nPloy because we believe in the urgentneed of transforming the recruitment market in Europe. Every good idea needs agreat business plan and people who are passionate about its implementation, andnPloy has exactly that," said Pavel Velkov, managing partner in the VCfirm Morningside Hill.

The app's smart algorithm shows the candidates only job adsthat meet all their requirements, including salary. nPloy is the only platformwhere users always know whether their application has been reviewed, approvedor not, so the feedback is instant. If mutual interest is shown as in thedating apps, a chat automatically opens between the two parties and a videointerview can be scheduled. The latest version of the mobile app also offersthe possibility for candidates to follow tailored news, join clubs withlike-minded people and various types of career-related online events.

“nPloy's goal is to make things easier. Job finding doesn'thave to be such a complicated and slow process when there are moderntechnologies to solve these problems. In a market with low unemployment ratesand growth in job openings, candidates don't want to waste time in a couple ofinterviews just to find out that their financial expectations don’t even meet,for example. Any difficulty, delay and inefficient processes turn down a largenumber of applicants. This is where nPloy comes in - you create a quick profileand you can immediately apply or wait for an employer to send you a matchrequest for a suitable position," said Maria Petrova, director of businessdevelopment in nPloy.

The main objective of the team now is to grow to new markets in Central andEastern Europe. The platform has recently launched on the Romanian market andthe feedback is impressive. The founders aim by the end of 2023 the platformwill be active in 10 more countries and plan a successful A round of investmentfor global growth.