Technology & Operations
In Bulgaria since 2015
Hybrid work model

We’re thrilled to announce that Accenture recently joined us on board - a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security. And let's just clear up a little misunderstanding right now, Accenture Bulgaria is so much more than simply an IT company. There are two main structures in Bulgaria - the Advanced Technology Center, and Intelligent Operations Center. The Bulgarian team has been shaking things up in those industries since 2015, bringing their unique blend of tech and operations expertise to the table. Let’s take a deeper look into what each unit is all about.

Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

This is where all challenges turn into innovative solutions. The goal is straightforward - help clients become the next best versions of themselves. Whether there’s a need for integration or building custom solutions from scratch - Accenture’s team does it all. Some of the platforms and technologies they actively work with are:

SAP Commerce Cloud
Adobe AEM
IBM Sterling

The team is also building custom solutions from scratch, i.e. based on microservices such as ATC works with Java, JavaScript/Typescript, React, Angular, and Python, AWS, Google, Azure.

Intelligent Operations Center 

Accenture's Intelligent Operations Center is like the personal trainer for companies, whipping their operating models into shape. They specialize in industries like insurance, digital inside sales and compliance as a service. The Intelligent Operations approach improves the customer experience and helps companies make decisions faster and better. And let's not forget the cherry on top, their teams are fluent in multiple languages. It's like they're the United Nations of business operations:


Work-life balance is praised

It's not all work and no play at Accenture - they know that a great work-life balance is key to their people. That's why they offer a flexible benefits package that lets you pick what fits your lifestyle. Also, it’s a very parent-friendly workplace, as they offer a great variety of parental benefits - from additional paid leave on special occasions (dads get eight full paid weeks!), additional health insurance for your family, employee assistance program for the close ones and a box with essentials for your newborn baby.

Life at Accenture

By joining Accenture Bulgaria, you'll become a part of a supportive and diverse community of professionals who are striving to make a positive impact both on the world and themselves. Think of it as a society of change-makers, who are looking for new members to join their ranks. They know that the success of the company is directly tied to the success of their people and that’s why they prefer to follow the mantra “to stay on top, we invest in our people’s training and development”. This is how they’re dedicated to building an environment that encourages teamwork, creativity, and ongoing learning.

Benefits include, but are far from limited to: 

Accenture is currently hiring for a variety of roles, including positions in the Advanced Technology Center, the Intelligent Operations Center, and Human Resources. They offer their employees the opportunity to work on high-impact projects with some of the world's leading companies, so if you’re tired of working for a company that doesn't value innovation and inclusivity - look no further. Join Accenture and never get stuck in your career again.