The world we live in is beautiful, colourful and diverse. It’s great to see more and more companies starting to realise the importance of fostering an inclusive environment. An inclusive workplace is one that fosters a sense of belonging and allows everyone to freely express themselves. But how can you recognise these companies? We’ve gathered a few telltales that will help you recognise good places at first sight.

Transparent salary

This is a no-brainer. Knowing the salary range for an open position before applying gives you a clear sign that the payment is based solely on your qualifications and skills - the things that actually matter.

Equal opportunities

Okay, this may not be something you can find out very early on, but it’s worth mentioning - opportunities for growth in an inclusive workplace are available to all people in the organisation, no matter of their background. Better be on the lookout for:

Having those two in an organisation means there’s an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated. Celebrating a person’s success is also a good sign - it fosters a friendly and positive environment.

Open communication

Communication is usually the key to solving many problems, but when it comes to inclusive workplaces, it’s a green flag. An open dialogue between team members and management, encouraging ideas, and knowledge sharing is a clear sign that this company values different points of view, respects different opinions and has an open-minded attitude. Knowing you can speak your mind without fear of being judged brings a sense of calm and security and is a clear indicator for a place where creativity thrives.

Diverse representation

This is maybe the clearest sign - diverse representation at all organisation levels. It goes to show that inclusivity is indeed at the core of the company and it’s not simply based on a quota. Seeing diverse representation, especially in leadership, sends a powerful message of appreciating different backgrounds and perspectives. 

Inclusive policies 

When we talk about taking inclusion efforts a step further, we talk about inclusive policies. This means an organisation is really dedicated to making a difference, and is actively doing something in this direction. We all know there’s a huge gap between wanting to do something and actually doing it. Taking measures to stop hate speech and root out discriminatory practices is a step in the right direction.

Turns out working in an inclusive workplace can have many other benefits - happier employees and higher productivity, for example. And this ultimately leads to brighter Mondays and feeling better at work.

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