Imagine this:

You've put in the effort to create a polished and professional CV that truly represents your skills and experience. You start browsing through job ads and finally come across the one that sparks your interest. You click on the "Apply now" button, and… you find yourself redirected to yet another career page. Now you’re down the rabbit hole of job application redirects. You see all the blank fields which in turn prompt new login or fresh registration. *Eyeroll*.

And this is when more than half of the applicants drop out of the hiring process.*

*according to industry data

What a completely unnecessary journey that was! Welcome to the options that Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology is offering, which makes things easier for HR managers, but a living hell for applicants. That’s why we had to come up with a game-changing solution:

We completely got rid of the career page redirection. Here’s how it works:

🔹From the candidate’s POV: swiping right on the job they want to apply for does all the magic. They will never be redirected to an external link (or anywhere outside of nPloy).

🔹 From the employer’s POV: the job application goes straight to nPloy’s jobs dashboard. The ones that are approved, seamlessly flow into the ATS directory.

It's a win-win situation for both candidates and employers.

Bonus: It's super easy to sync it your ATS with nPloy. Here’s how:


Log into your nPloy company profile and select ATS integration from the menu.


Choose your ATS from our growing list of options.


Connect & import your jobs with a single click.


All approved candidates go straight to your ATS.

Okay, but is your ATS supported?

Our goal is to integrate nPloy with all the major Applicant Tracking Systems out there. So most probably the answer is yes!

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