The beginning of a new era starts today.

We are happy to let you know that nPloy has evolved from a job-matching platform to a place for all things career.

nPloy transformed into an app which allows you to expand your career horizons, find like-minded people and communicate with them; to have a network where you feel free to ask and share your knowledge. And all that while having a ninja avatar to reflect the fact you're staying anonymous.

So we created it. What began as a few scratches on a white board is now a whole new & exciting part of our app, ready to start its own life. Countless sleepless hours, brainstorming sessions, and more coffee than we are willing to admit, have led us to this moment.

Let’s take a deeper look at our new features together:

Get involved with Events!

The place to gain knowledge and talk about trending & relevant topics with our guest speakers. The events are hosted in the app and lead by top nPloyers and experts in different fields, to make sure all top candidates (like you) can find a common ground.
Different types of events will take place, allowing you to see different points of view, get a feel of the dynamics in some of the top companies and participate in the conversations that grab your attention. 

Join the Clubs!

You are a designer, developer or a professional whose role doesn’t start with D? Changing careers or interested in keeping your work-life balance? We have just the right clubs for you to join.

Learn about and discuss all occupation-related topics and communicate with your fellow colleagues from different companies and even countries. Clubs are the place where you can start a discussion, create a poll, ask questions or just keep an eye on what’s going on in your favorite fields of interest.

Stay up to date with our Weekly Insights!

Check out our featured stories and keep up with what’s up on the latest career topics. No photos that seem out of place in a career network, no 1-hour reads - just the swift and relevant updates you need. All in one place, tailored for you, short and simple. And if you are eager to learn more, simply tap on the insight and swipe up to get the full version.

All on your phone and on the go. Because we know your time is valuable.

Interested? Go get the latest version of the app and start exploring.

See you there!