Finding the best match for your team is not always fun and games. Good news is it gets easier once you get a better understanding of what candidates want. How, you ask? 

We recently ran a survey among more than 3000 people. We were curious to see what do candidates want, what do companies offer, and can we find a way to bridge the gap. Let’s see the results.

To kick it off - 33% of employed people are actively looking for a new job 😱 It may sound a bit worrying at first, but it’s a clear sign that qualified people are looking for jobs that 

More than 95% of candidates say that knowing the salary before applying is somewhat important. 65% of candidates say that knowing the salary before applying is the most important thing. This comes as a no surprise, especially now, as inflation rates get higher and higher.

Almost half of the candidates (47%) expect a promotion after the first year of working in a new place. 22.8% are even more impatient - they expect a promotion in only 6 months.  And what about the others? You can sign up here, so we can send you the whoooole survey (don’t be scared, it’s not that long.)

A whole lot of people (91% to be exact) say that the team is a very important or the most important factor when it comes to choosing a new job. Almost half of the people we asked define corporate culture as a key element in getting to know a new employer.

You’ve made it to the middle of the article, yey! Still not enough info? Let’s take a look at which social benefits candidates prefer. And because we really, really like you, we’re going to share the whole list with you.
❗We know the percentages don’t add up to a hundred. Well, we gave people a multiple choice, can you blame us?

Trainings - 72.1%

Additional health insurance - 72.3%

Bonuses - 72.1%

Transport expenses - 53%

Additional PTO days - 51.4%

Vouchers - 47%

Supplementary pension insurance - 36.9%

86% of the people who were kind enough to answer our questions say that knowing more about the company’s products is a very important factor for choosing whether to apply or not for a certain position. 60% chose this as the most important information when it comes to applying. Now that’s some food for thought.

Last, but not least, let’s take a look at the hottest topic after COVID “blessed us” with its existence. Where do people want to work from?

81% of candidates would like to have the option to work from home. 61% chose this as very important or the most important factor. Any surprises here? Didn’t think so.

61.2% prefer working on a hybrid model and be able to choose according to their mood. 

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To summarize, candidates want companies to be open and upfront with them. It saves time, money and effort for both sides.