Let us tell you a secret. Our main focus is, and has always been - you. We care about you, your candidate journey, and the interactions you have while job-hunting. That’s why we made sure that you’re solely judged by your educational and professional background - nothing more, nothing less. Here’s what that means.

Your skills are all that matter

When it comes to job search, we know your skills speak the loudest. This is why your identity is kept secret until there’s a mutual interest between you and a recruiter. Before that, the HR team of a company only sees your experience and qualifications. We made sure their first impression of you is based on how great you are in your chosen field. You get the same chance to be hired as everyone else in nPloy’s Talent pool. And discrimination of any kind is left in the past where it belongs.

Your current boss can’t hold you back

As much as we hate to admit it, not all bosses are understanding when it comes to their employees looking for a new job. So we made it easier for you by giving you the option to hide your current employer. Keeping your job search under wraps gives you so much freedom when it comes to choosing your dream job - no more awkward conversations, no fear of being judged. Just go ahead and apply, your secret is safe with us.

Speak up your mind

Not looking for a job right now? Good for you - there’s a Discover page in nPloy, where you get to interact with like-minded people in the Clubs, stay on top of the trends with our Weekly Insights, and learn more about our upcoming Events, both on and offline. The best part is you're anonymous there as well. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, look for advice on a tricky workplace situation or ask a very stupid question - no one is going to judge you. A bonus is you get a ninja avatar because we still want everyone to know how cool you are.