We know looking for a job may be exhausting: sending out dozens of applications only to get ghosted in the end. Lucky for you, we changed the game - let’s talk about Match requests on nPloy.

We're shaking up the job search game. Our innovative platform allows companies to apply for you. Yes, you heard that right! Completing your profile on nPloy is your ticket to the Talent Pool where recruiters can find you. If someone from HR thinks you’re a good fit based on your skills and experience, they can send you a Match request.

Think of it as a dating app, but for job searching. The recruiter makes the first move by sending a Match request. You get a notification on your phone and it’s your turn to decide if you're interested or not. If you are, then it's a match!

The next time you open the nPloy app, the job ad from that company will be at the top of your feed. Once there’s a mutual interest, the recruiter can see your name and photo, and an option for a chat between you and HR will be available. The cool part is that you can also start the conversation - by simply saying thank you, or asking if there’s any additional information you can provide. 

So, why settle for less when you can have the best job search experience on nPloy?