You (most probably) know that companies on nPloy can apply for you. Once you register and complete your profile, you automatically enter the Talent Pool - nPloy’s ever growing candidate database. Recruiters can now filter by certain criteria and if they think your profile is a good match for an open position, they can send you a match request. But how to make sure your profile stands out, even though it’s still anonymous at this stage, and your personal data remains hidden? Lucky you, here are some tips.

💡 There are two ways you can create a profile, and they are both super fast and easy. You can upload a CV or manually enter your data. Whichever you choose, there are still some things you can do to make your profile stand out.

Experience matter

Feel free to add any internships as part of your work experience. It’s a well known fact that having an internship is the quickest way to get out of the “No job, no experience. No experience, no job” loop. It shows you’ve been eager to learn and dip your toes in the professional world, and recruiters will appreciate the efforts.

Add your language skills

nPloy allows you to select the proficiency level of every language you speak. Adding this information to your profile will make it easier for companies to find you - our algorithm loves using such data.

Make a list of your skills 

Skills also play a big part when it comes to the smart algorithm - all the information in your profile serves as a textal signal, making it easier for us to show you all the relevant jobs, and for the recruiters to find you.

💡 You can browse some jobs in the desired field and see the wording of the required skills and then add them to your profile. 

Set your filters straight

The filters on your profile fall in the category of contextual types of signals. Recruiters can set them in their search, and if there’s a match, your profile will pop up in the Talent Pool. Here are all the available filters you can play around with: 

🤑 Salary expectations - we all know how important this one is. You can change the amount in order to get a sense of the market in the desired field.

💤 Working hours - let recruiters know whether you’re interested in full-time or part-time type job opportunities

👶 Seniority - from internships to management, we have it all
Job type - you can choose regular employment, project-based, internship, remote or voluntary work. There’s no limit to the number of types you select. 

🌴 Work model - your options are on-site, hybrid or remote.

🗝️ Keywords - Internet taught us all how important these are, so choose wisely. You can also browse jobs in the desired field to see what words recruiters use and let that be your guide.

We believe we’ve shared all of our wisdom with you. No go update your profile and let the best jobs come your way.