Hey there, HR specialists! You’re about to embark on the greatest adventure when it comes to recruitment - using nPloy. You're the captain, and nPloy’s HR panel is your best mate.

The HR panel is where the magic happens - it’s the place where you can publish jobs, match with the right talents, hire proactively and have an overview of your applicant pipeline.  Let’s jump right in and see all the features the platform has to offer.

First steps

Once you register, you’ll receive a login link and a follow-up confirmation email. When this step is completed, you’re ready to dive in the HR panel.

A great place to start is completing your company profile. The more information you provide, the better - it will give people, who stumble upon your profile, a better sense of the company’s atmosphere. And don’t forget that the billing info is mandatory.

💡 The more team photos you upload, the better - people love seeing their future colleagues.


The section of the panel will give you insights about your company’s performance and some statistics about nPloy’s database.

Job ad activity - you will find data about the performance of your profile. There’s the Interest to pass ratio, which shows how many of the people reached have applied for your job ads. And there’s also the Match ratio - this percentage shows how many of those applicants you have matched. You can also track the performance of your job posts.  A cool piece of information is the Suggested talents per ad - this is the number of people in the Talent Pool whose profiles are a fit for your job opening - clicking on a job title will redirect you to the talent pool with already set filters.

General statistics - this beautiful colorful wheel illustrates which fields the talents on nPloy are most interested in.

Posting a job

Posting a job is super easy when you only have to fill out the fields. You don’t have to wait for approval and you can edit anytime you want. You also get a dynamic preview of what your job post would look like on the app.

In order to reach the best applicants, you should be as specific as possible - this will help the built-in AI do its job in the best way possible. There’s no limit to the required skills you can add, but try to keep them around 10 - once again, the more specific, the better. 

💡 If you have the same job ad, but for different locations, the Duplicate button is your best friend - you’ll only need to change the city or whatever the small detail you want to change is. 

💡Select the occupation for the specific job, not the industry of the whole company - this will bring you a step closer to the right talents.

Want to double check before posting? Save a draft and come back to it when you’re ready. Not feeling like sharing the salary? This option is only available in our subscriptions. Reach out to our amazing sales team to learn more. And don’t worry about the candidates - they will still know if your job opening fits their desired salary range, but they will not see the exact amount. No one does when it’s hidden.

28 days after posting, job ads expire, then go straight to the Archive. But don’t worry - you can always bring them back to life. 

How does that sound for a first peak behind the curtain of nPloy's HR panel? You can take a look at this video while waiting for part 2 to come. Enjoy!