Aaah, the dynamics between candidates and recruiters - not always a smooth ride, but always an interesting topic. Today we’re shaking things up by being mischievous and giving you some tips on how to annoy a recruiter when looking for a new job. And because we're not monsters, we're also giving you some tips on what you should do if you want to be a good person.

😈 Fake your data

You have two options here - lie about your experience and competencies, and lie about your name and contact info. Maybe the recruiter will enjoy a little game of hide-and-seek. And it will for sure be fun later on, when they hire you, and then find out you lied on your resume. 

😇 Or just be honest

Don’t be afraid to share your real contact information on your profile. It remains hidden until you decide to share it with the recruiter. Don’t think you have enough experience? Why not try an internship?

😈 Bombard them with messages and emails

You just got a match request? Great! What a better time to start asking questions? Even better if you had an interview. Flood the recruiter’s inbox with your thoughts.

😇 Or sit back and relax

Did you know that you always have feedback on nPloy? You can check the application for every position you applied for, you always know whether your profile has been reviewed or not, and even if a company has as unmatched your profile, you always know the reason why.

😈 Be late for an interview. Or don’t even show up at all.

It’s called fashionably late for a reason. You will for sure be remembered if you arrive 15 minutes late. And you’ll be even a bigger start if you leave them hanging and don’t show up at all, without giving a reason for your absence.

😇 Or chat with the recruiter to schedule an interview in a convenient time 

You can chat with recruiters in nPloy or even have a video interview directly on the platform. Forget about skipping between apps, we left that in the past.

😈 Ask about the salary in the first 10 seconds

Make money a priority, HR specialists love it. Forget about discussing your skills or talking about the company, just say you’re planning on becoming a millionaire.

😇 Or just set your expectations on nPloy

We made sure you always know if the salary matches your expectations. Even if you don’t see a defined amount, we made sure the job cards that appear on your phone are still within your desired range. We know reimbursement is an important factor and we made sure the process is fair. 

😈 Overshare and spill all the tea

If your current workplace is toxic and your boss is a bad, bad person, let the recruiters know all about it. Take your time and share all the little details that made your skin crawl.

😇 Or hide your current employer

Don’t be afraid your current boss will find out if you’re looking for a new job on nPloy. You can simply hide the name of the company and continue your search guilt free.

A little game here and there is fun, but now so much when it comes to finding your dream job. So be one of the good guys when speaking to a recruiter - we guarantee it’s worth it.